8th Science Syllabus (Colvett)

2018/2019 School Year 

8th grade Science Alana Colvett Room 109 Hampshire Unit School acolvett@mauryk12.org 

Power Standards

Motion and Stability: Forces and Interaction

  • Electricity and magnetism and their relationship
  • Gravity
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion

Waves and Their Applications in Technology for Information Transfer

  • Waves: Frequency, amplitude, speed, mechanical, electromagnetic

Biological Change: Unity and Diversity

  • Fossil records
  • Immense biodiversity and common ancestors
  • Adaptations, natural selection
  • Artificial selection by humans

Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • Stars/Big Bang Theory
  • Gravity and how it affects the formation of out solar system and Earth’s tides

Earth’s Systems

  • Extinction
  • Seismic waves
  • Rock types and their formation
  • Convection currents within the Earth and its effects 
  • Volcanoes and earthquakes and their causes

Earth and Human Activity

  • Causes of the distribution of natural resources
  • Patterns and locations of earthquakes and volcanoes/Ring of Fire

Engineering Design

  • Test and modify an electromagnet