Geometry Syllabus

Course:       Geometry

Teacher:      Ronnie Brewer

Text:           Holt McDougal’s Geometry

                   Copyright 2012;  ISBN: 978-0-547-47674-2


This course will cover topics including but not limited to Foundations for Geometry, Geometric Reasoning, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Triangle Congruence, Properties and Attributes of Triangles, Polygons and Quadrilaterals, Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry, Perimeter, Circumference, and Area, and Circles.


Materials needed:


          3 Ring binder (1 inch minimum) NOT to be shared with another class.

Protractor, pencils, erasers, liquid paper, 4+ dry erase markers, loose leaf paper,.

All these things, along with your textbook AND AGENDA book, should be brought to class everyday.

A Graphing Calculator (TI-84+ preferred, TI-83 series okay, TI-NSpire  may also be required TBD




          Your grade is calculated as follows:


                        Homework:                 10%

                        Tests:                           50%

                        Quizzes:                      15%

                        Final Exam:                 25%


Occasionally you will have projects or outside assignments, which will be scored in the Homework category but may be weighted more.  Tests and quizzes may be retaken, as a general rule.

If you are falling behind in homework or any category, you will be expected to come to remediation/lunch or stay after school as often as necessary you catch up.  Unexcused late homework will only count as half credit.




When the tardy bell rings, you should be in your seat and your homework should be out and ready to check.  Only drinks in plastic containers with lids will be allowed in class.  Remain seated unless you have permission or implied permission from the teacher.  During MATH class, you are to work on MATH.  “I’d rather do it at home,” is not an acceptable response.  Do not interrupt a lesson to ask to use a hall pass, rather please ask at the beginning or wait till the last 15 minutes of class to use a hall pass so as not to miss important material.  Students will sign in and out of the classroom when using a hall pass.  Use them wisely as you will only be allowed 3 per 9 weeks.  If you are out of hall passes and have to use one, you will have to get tardy slip from the office.  All Maury County School policies and Hampshire School policies will be followed.  Phones and electronic devices shall remain off and put away and out of sight at ALL TIMES UNLESS instructed to use them. Failure to comply could result in a defiance of authority offense which can be very serious.  Respect yourself, each other and your school.  Above all, treat people around you the same way you want them to treat you and we will have a great year.


Calendar (tentative):


           1st Nine Weeks:

Text Chapters 1 – 3: Foundations for Geometry, Geometric Reasoning, and Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.


            2nd Nine Weeks:

Triangle Congruence, Properties and Attributes of Triangles, and Polygons and Quadrilaterals. 


            3rd Nine Weeks:

Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry, Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area. 


           4th Nine Weeks:

               Major PBL project counting as a test grade (5 - 6

week time frame), Spatial Reasoning, Circles, and Extending Transformational Geometry.
















Parents:                                                       Geometry 2018 – 2019



If you have any questions, concerns or problems feel free to call me at school or email me   (best way reach me.)



Ronnie Brewer

school phone … 931-285-2300



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