Chemistry I Syllabus


Class Policies and Procedures




Mr. John Proctor 931-285-2300 ext. 4103



Requirements:  Students taking this course must have received credit in Algebra I and Biology.


Materials:  3 ring binder with paper, Calculator, Graph Paper, Pens, Pencils


Attendance:  Students are expected to be in class daily and seated quietly immediately after the tardy bell rings.  Tardiness is unacceptable and if repeated will result in disciplinary action (This includes returning from lunch!!) 


Housekeeping:  Dispose of all trash or waste materials in the appropriate container.  Drinks and snacks are not permitted in the classroom or the lab area at any time.  Bottled water is acceptable in the classroom area only.


Missed Work: Each student will have 3 days following each absence to request and complete missed assignments. Any work not turned in on the 4th day following the absence will result in a lower grade. Zeroes are unacceptable and must be made-up. Students will have an incomplete if they are missing work. Missed notes can be copied from another classmate or students are welcome to ask me if they cannot find a classmate to copy.

Retake Policy

  1. Any student who scores above 70% may not retake.
  2. Tests will be given one time during class.  If a student makes below a 70% they are required to retake the test.  In order to complete the retake.
  1. First Retake -- For a grade of 75%
  1. Students must view the links to the below and list three points that they learned.  


  1. Second Retake -- For a grade of 70%
  1. Students must view resources on their standards from Khan Academy, YouTube's Crash Course or Fuse School, or Bozeman Science. 



Lab Fee:  There is a lab fee of $15.00 assessed to each student.  This fee is used to purchase materials for each lab exercise.  Lab fees must be paid within 2 weeks following the beginning of the semester.  This fee is a necessity for the chemistry department to provide the best opportunity for each student to have hands-on science learning.



  1. Be Ready
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible



Teacher Conference:  I will be available for conferences from 2:45p.m.-3:15p.m. (Tuesday through Thursday and also during my planning period daily—4th Block I encourage any student or parent to schedule conferences or email me if you have any questions or concerns.