Biology Syllabus

                                                                    Biology I: John Proctor
                                                         Hampshire Unit School 2018-2019

Welcome to Biology I! I am excited to have you in my class this year! Biology is a great insight into life’s processes, and I have the utmost confidence that you will be successful this year. My goal is for students to develop a love for learning, feel confident in class, and work to their fullest potential. Biology is a hands-on and research-based class, so it may be a new learning experience for students. Here is some information that should make your experience with this class a great one:

Parent conferences are always welcomed. I can be contacted by calling (931) 285-2300 (ext. 4103) or feel free to e-mail me at  

Mission: The purpose of this class is to investigate biological concepts. My job is to teach these concepts using a variety of teaching methods, which will not only help students learn, but also prepare them for their academic career. This classroom values learning, especially the right of others to learn.


Expectations for my classroom:

  1. Be ready.
  2. Be respectful.
  3. Be responsible.


High School Classes: Communication is one the most important qualities to me.  If students ever have problems with the class, please contact me as soon as possible. Most situations can be resolved quickly and easily. I always tell students my door is open, so they are welcome to come talk to me anytime.  I encourage you to communicate with me any comments, questions, or concerns you may have throughout the year.

Missed Work: Each student will have 3 days following each absence to request and complete missed assignments. Any work not turned in on the 4th day following the absence will result in a lower grade. Zeroes are unacceptable and must be made-up. Students will have an incomplete if they are missing work. Missed notes can be copied from another classmate or students are welcome to ask me if they cannot find a classmate to copy.

Retake Policy

  1. Any student who scores above 70% may not retake.
  2. Tests will be given one time during class.  If a student makes below a 70% they are required to retake the test.  In order to complete the retake.
  1. First Retake -- For a grade of 75%
  1. Students must view the links to the below and list three points that they learned.  


  1. Second Retake -- For a grade of 70%
  1. Students must view resources on their standards from Khan Academy, YouTube's CrashCourse or FuseSchool, or BozemanScience. 


Lab Fee: There is a lab fee of $15 assessed to each student in Biology. This fee is used to purchase materials for each lab group and each student will be provided labs, aprons, gloves for dissection and safety goggles. The laboratory fee is a necessity to provide the best opportunity for each student to have hands-on science learning. We will complete some of these dissections (earthworm, crayfish, squid, perch and bullfrog). Students will not be asked to purchase any items in addition to the lab fee; however, household supplies needed for laboratory are sometimes requested for extra credit.

End of Course Exam: This state test will be given in May and counts 15% of the students’ grade. You cannot be exempt from this test because it is a state test.

Biology I Contract

I verify that I have received a copy of the Biology policies and procedures and agree to abide by all class rules throughout the school year:

 Student’s Name: _________________________________________________

Student email: ___________________________________________________


The return of this contract will be your first required task for the 9 weeks, due on or before the Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Please attach this form to your signed Flynn Safety Contract.

I am aware of the policies for Biology I. I am also aware that there is a fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of laboratory supplies. I give my permission for my child to view any videos that pertain to the state Biology standards.

__________________________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian Name)


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