Bridge Math Syllabus



Teacher:  Mrs. Jennifer Webb




  • Order of Operations
  • Integers
  • Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Ratios and Percents
  • Graphing on a Coordinate Plane
  • Polynomials
  • Rational Expressions
  • Functions
  • Systems of Equations
  • Radicals
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Triangles
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Complex Numbers
  • Statistics
  • Logarithms



*80-85% of your grade will be calculated on a point system as follows:

.                       -Bell Ringers                                          5 pts

                        -Daily Assignments/Homework           10 pts

                        -Notebook Checks/Quizzes                   50 pts

                        -Chapter Tests                                     100 pts

            *15-20% of your grade will be determined by your Final Exam



  1. 1 Spiral Notebooks
  2. Folder with prongs and paper
  3. Pencils AND highlighters
  4. Calculator (Highly recommend a TI Graphing Calculator i.e. TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Silver, or TI-Nspire)
  5. At least 1 Dry Erase Markers
  6. Graph paper
  7. 6 inch ruler



            Each day will follow this basic format:

  1. Bell rings:Students are in their seats working on the Bell Ringer.
  2. Check and review bell ringer and homework.
  3. Lesson/Notes and Activities
  4. Begin Assignment:May be due in class or the next day depending on time remaining.
  5. Bell rings to end class:Students wait for teacher to dismiss class.Students must be in ASSIGNED seats to leave the room.






Bridge Math

Classroom Discipline Plan and Expectations

Mrs. Jennifer Webb



  1. Be Respectful:Show respect for yourself, fellow classmates, and your teacher

    at all times.  Follow directions and always be mindful of your manners with me as well as your classmates.  This includes, but is not limited to, not talking during lecture, not talking during announcements, using appropriate language, being considerate of others’ feelings, being honest, etc.  I will expect you all to act in such a manner at all times- no exceptions.

  2. Be Prepared:Please have your supplies, textbook, and notebook EVERY day.
  3. Be on Time:You are expected to be IN YOUR SEAT and working on your bell ringer/preparing for class when the tardy bell rings.DO NOT be late without a note.
  4. Be Responsible:Complete all assignments on time and turn in make-up work in a timely manner.Be sure to monitor your grades, and keep all papers in your binder, which will be checked periodically throughout each quarter.
  5. Use Class Time Wisely:You are expected to be an active participant in class.Sleeping, working on other class assignments, and socializing are not appropriate.Use the restroom between classes.In case of emergency, I will sign a bathroom pass.This will only be when I am not teaching.You will only be allowed 4 per quarter.



            In addition to the above class rules, you are also expected to follow the rules established by Maury County Schools and Hampshire High School.  Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the following:

  1. Warning
  2. Detentions and/or Write-Off
  3. Removal from class
  4. Parent Contact
  5. Referral to principal

Severe Misbehavior:  Immediate referral to principal



  1. To treat each student with respect as an individual.
  2. To provide each student with a safe learning environment.
  3. To be positive and work to my full potential.
  4. To provide the necessary and appropriate discipline.
  5. To teach the required curriculum.



  1. To treat me with respect as an individual by following all class rules as well as treat all classmates with that same respect.
  2. To attend class everyday and keep all notes, assignments, and tests neatly in notebook.
  3. To be positive and work to your full potential.This includes taking advantage of your resources.I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!
  4. To be cooperative and not disruptive so that you as well as all your classmates will have a safe and functional learning environment.
  5. To do all you can to learn and master the required content.



            Attendance is very important!  On the fourth unexcused absence, you will not receive credit for the class, and your grade will be a 65 regardless of the average you earned.  When you are absent, follow these procedures:

  1. When you arrive to class, get missed assignments from fellow classmate or assignment folder.
  2. You are responsible for copying notes from a classmate and getting make-up work.
  3. ALL make-up work is to be turned into the make-up work box within 3 days of being absent.Any make-up tests should be completed within the same time constraints.



It is very important that the lines of communication stay open.  I encourage you to call me at school (285-2300) or email me ( anytime!





Bell Ringers:  The bell ringer for the day will be up when you enter class.  I expect you to find your seat, put your homework on the corner of your desk for me to check, and begin working on your bell ringer.


Homework:  Must be completed each day for your understanding!  In completion, you MUST show your work!  It may be graded for effort, completion, or correctness.  Some time will be devoted each day to going over any questions.  At that time, I expect you to correct any wrong answers.  If you come to class with no homework, you will be given a zero for that assignment.  If your homework is turned in late, you can receive a maximum of 6/10 points.


Spiral Notebooks:  You will keep one notebook that will hold the bell ringers, class notes, and daily assignments.  Notes will be taken each day over each lesson.  You will be expected to take notes and examples.  Taking notes is part of the learning process.  Your second notebook will hold all of your homework.  If you get stuck on the homework at home, look back at the notes.  Do not quit!  The notes are there to help guide you through your homework.  Quizzes will be given throughout the year, which will come straight from your class notes and homework.  Take notes!


Quizzes:  Each quiz will be used as a learning experience.  You WILL be allowed to retake the majority of these; use that to your advantage!  These retakes will take place before school, after school, or during remediation; class time will not be used for this purpose. 


Chapter tests:  You must complete in class after you start.  ALL makeup work for each tests material must be made up before test day.  I will NOT take makeup work after the Chapter Test has been given.


Absences:  When you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up work.  When you return from being out, you are given three days to complete and turn in make-up work.  You will need to refer to the assignment notebook for any missing assignments and ask a classmate for missed notes and bell ringers.  Then, come to me with anything that is left unclear.


Bathroom Passes:  You will be allowed 4 passes per quarter.  These are to be used anytime you leave the classroom (bathroom, tissue, water fountain, etc.)  You must have a bathroom pass in order to leave the room.  If you do not have a bathroom pass at that time, you will not be allowed to leave the classroom.  *Be sure to be conservative with your bathroom passes. . . For every one you return to me at the end of the semester, you will be given 2 extra points on your exam.


Borrowing:  I do have a few pencils, pens, etc that you may use.  But in order to borrow anything from me, you must give me something of value to you.  This trade MUST be done at the BEGINNING of class.  When you return what you borrow, I will give you your item back.  **Do not get anything from my desk without my permission!


Food/Drink:  I will allow you to bring food/drink in my classroom. . . For the time being.  If I see that you all cannot clean up after yourselves or this is causing extra cleanup for me or anyone else, I will take that privilege away!


Complaining:  Do not do it.  It will not be tolerated in my classroom.


Dear Parents,


            I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading the Letter, Syllabus, and F.Y.I. Sheet.  I will be your child’s Bridge Math teacher this year.  Math builds on itself daily.  Each lesson depends on the understanding of the previous.  Your child’s attendance in class is imperative for success.  Please help me convey this to your child.  If they must be absent for any reason, making up their work in a timely manner is very important.  I will be happy to schedule time after school for tutoring if need be. 


I feel it is very important that we keep the lines of communication open at all times.  If you have any questions or concerns, at any point during the year, please do not hesitate to call, write, or email me.  When doing so, please be sure to identify yourself, identify your child, and leave a number to reach you as well as a good time to call.


Please sign below to let me know that you have received and reviewed the information I have provided.  Return only the stub.  Make sure your child keeps the syllabus and F.Y.I. sheet in his/her notebook.  Please keep this letter for your records.  I look forward to a great year!




Jennifer Webb






I have read the course syllabus, parent letter, F.Y.I. sheet, and classroom discipline plan for Ms. Webb’s class.


Print Student’s Name                     __________________________________________


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