General Music Syllabus

9th Grade General Music

Mrs. Gregoire (Mrs. G)


Attendance: You are to be in your seat and ready to go by the time the tardy bell rings, or you will be marked tardy.


Food and Drink: Will be permitted so long as it is not distracting, does not hinder your work, and not making a mess. You MUST clean up after yourself or this privilege will be revoked. Food and drink will NOT be permitted while we are playing instruments.


Electronic Devices: Should always be on silent or turned off. If they are out I will take them, and return them at the end of class.


General Rules: -Remain seated unless you have permission from the teacher. –Be respectful to all, including keeping your hands and feet to yourself. –During music you work on music.


Materials: I will supply everything musical you need. You will need a pencil and notebook paper everyday. A composition book or plastic pronged folder.


Participation: You are to participate daily, it is essential for you to learn as well as meet the standards of this class.


Critical Listening (CL): Will be done weekly in class, as the music is playing there is no talking. We will discuss after the music is played, you can ask questions and we can examine each piece in more detail. One paragraph containing seven sentences per CL. You can write what you want, but it needs to be coherent and cohesive. Some things you can include are: -how many voices –which instruments you hear –where you would hear the music –whether you like the music (why).


Quizzes and Tests: There will be quizzes every two weeks, and for tests, there will be a Midterm and Final. There is a zero-tolerance cheating policy, cheating earns you an automatic zero.


Projects: There will be two projects; one due before the midterm, and one due before the final.


Writing Assignments: There will be four writing assignments, one per nine weeks. Please make your thoughts coherent and cohesive. I expect quality writing with complete sentences. Please DO NOT give me an assignment with –slang –texting abbreviations (jk/idk/lol) –grammatical and spelling errors. These assignments are to be typed, double spaced, at twelve-point font. Five sentences to a paragraph for these assignments and five hundred word count. Some writing assignments may be included with projects or other assignments. 


Grade Breakdown

10% Participation

10% Writing Assignments

15% Tests (Midterm and Final)

20% Projects

20% Quizzes (every other week)

25% Critical Listening


Grading Policy

 I offer bonus points on most of the assignments. Bonus points can be used towards other assignments that need the boost. The bonus points do no harm if students choose not to do them. I do not offer retakes or extra work to bring up a grade that’s what the bonus points are for. I show students their averages regularly and it is their responsibility to come to me for help should they need it.




Students needing extra help may schedule time with me for extra instruction before or after school. Students may also contact me via email for help on assignments. My email goes directly to my phone and will be read and responded to as fast as possible. Parents may contact me by phone at school during school hours, by email, or by scheduling a meeting at the school.