Geometry Syllabus

Course:       Geometry

Teacher:      Ronnie Brewer

Text:           Holt McDougal’s Geometry

Copyright 2012;  ISBN: 978-0-547-47675-9


This course will cover topics including but not limited to points, lines, planes, reasoning, logic, proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines and planes, similar and congruent figures, proportion, right triangles, circles, constructions, nets, polygons, area and volume.  Algebra skills are a must.



3 Ring binder (1 inch minimum) NOT to be shared with another class.

Compass, protractor, pencils, erasers, liquid paper, 4+ dry erase markers, loose leaf paper, scientific or graphing calculator, poster boards as needed, and colored pencils or markers for projects.


Your 3 ring binder should be organized into 4 sections using dividers as follows: 

1st  - Homework, 2nd – Notes/examples, 3rd –Definitions, theorems, and postulates, 4th – Quizzes, 5th—EOC/ACT/Journal writing section.

All these things, along with your book, should be brought to class every day.



                        Homework:                 15%

                        Tests:                           40%

                        Quizzes:                      20%

                        Exam:                          25%


Occasionally you will have projects or outside assignments, which will be scored in the Tests category but may be weighted less.  Make up tests will be allowed for excused absences only. You are responsible to ask about the test the first day you return to school. Failure to ask will result in you taking a ‘0’ on that test.  Same policy for quizzes.  Unexcused late homework will count half credit.


  • When the tardy bell rings, you should be in your seat and your homework should be out and ready to check.
  • Only drinks in plastic containers with lids will be allowed in class.Snacks will be allowed as long as they don’t cause a distraction or hinder you from doing your work.
  • Remain seated unless you have permission or implied permission from the teacher.
  • During MATH class, you are to work on MATH.
  • Phones and electronic devices shall remain off and put away and out of sight.
  • Respect yourself, each other and your school.Above all, treat people around you the same way you want them to treat you and we will have a great year.








Parents:                                                                 Geometry, 2017


If you have any questions, concerns or problems feel free to contact me by email or phone. 


          Ronnie Brewer      931-285-2300 School



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