Speech Syllabus

Speech and Communications

Dual Credit                                                                   WEBB                                                                2018-2019



Fundamentals of Speech and Communication- DUAL CREDIT

Instructor Contact Information:

Jennifer Webb

Room 105

Email: jgmoore@mauryk12.org



Course Description:

The fundamentals of speech communication is designed to introduce students to selected facets of the study of human communication and to enhance students’ abilities to communicate orally in a thoughtful, clear, coherent manner in various settings. Topics include communication theory, nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, small group communication, professional communication, and public address.



Course Objectives Overview:

Upon completing this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Describe basic concepts of interpersonal communication theory.
  2. Research, prepare, and present public speeches.
  3. Apply composition skills in reports and outlines.
  4. Incorporate reference materials in preparing written and oral reports.
  5. Develop verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills.



Prompt and regular attendance is the responsibility of each student. Consistent absences will hurt your activity grade and you will not get hands on practice to effectively complete the in and out of class assignments.


Attendance on Speech Days:

Due the performance nature of this class, speeches must be given on the day for which they are scheduled. Please be sure to be here on your assigned day.


Plagiarism Statement:

Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Plagiarism includes using someone else’s data or quotes in a public speech and not giving him/her credit. YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES IN YOUR SPEECH!  You must also cite your sources and list a works cited in your outline.



All speaking assignments will be graded on content, verbal clarity, vocal and nonverbal delivery, content accuracy, proper citation, and proper outlining. Students failing to submit an outline before the first speech day will have their speech grade reduced by five points.





Daily Work

20 Points


50 Points

Group Presentation

50-100 Points


100 Points



Challenge Exam:


Time Limit

Cut Score

100 multiple choice

120 minutes


1 speech

5-7 minutes





This is a dual credit class which means it will be run like a college level course.  You will be responsible for completing assignments outside of class.  You will need to learn to take notes from listening; not everything will be visual.  If you need anything, let me know.


Speech & Communication-Dual Credit: Jennifer Webb


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Tentative Schedule: Everything is subject to change and you will be notified.



Types of Activities

August 6-17

Fundamentals of Communication

Role play activities, technology presentations.

August 20-31

Nonverbal Communications and Listening

Interview and introduce a classmate, role play

September 4-14

Self, Perception, and Communication

Personality type scenarios and predictions, speech development, pet peeve speech.

September 17-28

Public Speaking

Research, rehearse, provide feedback.

October 8-19

Interpersonal Communications

Evaluate speakers

October 22-November 2

Group Communications

Panel discussions, technology based feedback.

November 5-15

Intercultural Communication


November 26-December 7

Informative Speeches

Formal speech, feedback

January 8-18

The Nature and Value of Language


January 22-February 1

Persuasion the Art of Rhetoric

Speed debate

February 4-15

Project Management

Prepare group debate

February 19-March 1

Persuasive Speeches

Debate, speeches

March 4-15

Professional Communications


March 18-29

Professional Speech

Job Interview


TED Talks


April 10-May 7 (Window)

Tentative challenge exam window

Multiple choice challenge exam plus 5-7 minute persuasive speech.