Vet Science Syllabus

Vet Science


  1. Important Dates.


    Week 1-2 – Standard 3-4                             

                Week 3-4 – Standard 5

    Week 5-6 – Standard 1

    Week 7-8 – Standard 2

    Week 9-10 – Standard 6

    Week 11-12 – Standard 7

    Week 13-14 – Standard 8

    Week 15-16 – Standard 9

    Week 17-18 – Review & Mid-term

    Week 19-20 – Standard 10

    Week 21-22 – Standard 11

    Week 23-24 – Standard 12

    Week 25-26 – Standard 13

    Week 27-28 – Standard 14

    Week 29-30 – Standard 15

    Week 31-32 – Standard 16

    Week 34-36 – Review & Exam


  2. Rules


  • See Handbook for school rules.
  • No one uses shop bathroom.
  • Drinks/snacks are allowed until they become a problem.
  • The shop/office is not a lounge for students.
  • No students are to be behind the teacher’s desk.
  • Students are to respect the room and the shop.
  • Students are to respect each other.
  • No one is to leave the room or shop without the teacher’s permission.
  • Substitutes are to be respected as the regular teacher.
  • Please review the attached standards then sign and return to school.


  1. Grading Scale


    Tests/Lab Activities               75%

    Midterm/Final                       25%

    Total                                       100%





  2. Other info


This year, we will be using the ICEV program for the majority of this class.  I will have lab activities that aid in the learning process.  This program allows the students to work online at their own pace to cover the material.  The grades will be taken from the program and loaded into the INOW student management system.  I will hopefully upload grades every two weeks.  You can check your students progress by either logging on to the INOW account or by asking your student to log on to the ICEV program.  Each student will have their own password to access the lessons.  I will give a deadline for each lesson.  If the student has not completed the lessons by the deadline they cannot receive full credit.  If you have any concerns or questions concerning the material covered in this class feel free to call me at 931-285-2300 ext. 4040 or email me at  I am asking you as the parent to sign in the spaces below letting me know that you have received and reviewed the standards for this class.  Your student will not be allowed to begin the lab activities until the signatures are returned to me (You can keep the top portion for your records) .  I will go over the standards in class with the students.  Please list any medical issues that you feel I should know about your student.  Thanks for your time.



Jon Paul Jones





Vet Science




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