World History Syllabus

2017 World History

Coach Skelton


“World History and Geography” by McGraw Hill

3 Main R’s of World History Class…

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Graded Assessments

40% of grade will be Summative Assessments (each summative assessment will cover multiple topics in a unit).


25% of grade will be the 9 Weeks’ Exam


25% of grade will be Formative Assessments (1 formative assessment will be given over each topic).


10% of grade will be daily grades acquire through various announced assignments. All daily work will not be graded but all daily work will prepare you for Formative and Summative Assessments.

Daily Procedures…

Be seated before the bell and working on daily bell ringer as class begins.

If you were absent, check folders on the front table for assignments.

Devices will be allowed when involved with a class assignment. Otherwise devices needed to be stored away.

This class will be a combination of direct instruction, individual work, and collaboration. Listen to whoever has the floor whether student or teacher. Keep conversations on task during collaboration activities.

You are responsible for completing any work that is assigned in class before coming to class the next day.

Units that will be Covered in World History

Unit 1: Conflict and Absolutism in Europe, The Enlightenment and Revolutions, The French Revolution and Napoleon

Unit 2: Industrialization and Nationalism, Mass Society and Democracy.

Unit 3: The Reach of Imperialism, World War 1

Unit 4: The West Between The Wars, Nationalism Around the World

Unit 5: World War II and the Holocaust

Unit 6: The Cold War, Independence and Nationalism in the Developing World

Unit 7: Life During the Cold War, A New Era Begins

Unit 8: Contemporary Global Issues