6th Science Syllabus (Colvett)

2017/2018 School Year

6th grade Science

Alana Colvett Room 109 Hampshire Unit School


Power Standards

Embedded Inquiry:

Design a simple experimental procedure with an identified control and appropriate variables

Embedded Technology and Engineering:

Evaluate a protocol to determine if the engineering design process was successfully applied

Differentiate between adaptive and assistive technology


Classify organisms as producers, scavengers or decomposers

How are materials transferred through and ecosystem

Biotic and abiotic elements in major biomes

Interdependence in major biomes

The Universe:

Draw conclusions about major components of the universe

Explain how relative distance of objects from the earth affect how they appear

Distinguish among a day, lunar cycle and year based on the movements of the earth, moon and sun

Explain the different phases of the moon

Predict the types of tides that occur when the earth and moon occupy various positions

Use a diagram that shows the positions of the earth and sun to explain the four seasons

Explain the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse





The Atmosphere:

Analyze data to identify events associated with heat convection in the atmosphere

Recognize the connection between the sun's energy and the wind

Describe how temperature differences in the ocean account for currents

Interpret meteorological data to make predictions about weather


Distinguish among gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, and chemical potential energy

Interpret the relationship between potential and kinetic energy

Recognize that energy can be transformed from one type to another

Explain the Law of Conservation of Energy using data from a variety of energy transformations

Forces in Nature:

Identify how simple circuits are associated with the transfer of electrical currents when heat, light, sound and chemical changes are produced

Identify materials that conduct electricity

Projects that may be assigned

Construct a biome

Build a prototype

Create a model of the phases of the moon

Research and construct a model of a component of the universe