8th Science Syllabus (Colvett)

2017/2018 School Year

8th grade Science Alana Colvett Room 109 Hampshire Unit School acolvett@mauryk12.org

Power Standards

Embedded Inquiry:

Design a simple experimental procedure with an identified control and appropriate variables

Embedded Technology and Engineering:

Evaluate a protocol to determine if the engineering design process was successfully applied

Differentiate between adaptive and assistive technology

Biodiversity and Change:

Use a simple classification key to identify an unknown organism

Analyze adaptations to predict which populations are likely to survive in a particular environment

Identify several reasons for maintaining the Earth's biodiversity

Compare fossils in sedimentary rock to determine their relative age


Recognize all matter consists of atoms

Identify the outcome of all chemical changes

Classify common substances as elements of compounds

Differentiate between a mixture and compound

Describe the chemical makeup of the atmosphere

Compare the particle arrangement and particle motion of different states of matter

Determine the density of an object based on its mass and volume

Interpret the results of an investigation to determine if a chemical or physical change has occurred

Use the periodic table to determine the properties of an element

Identify the  reactants and products of a chemical equation

Law of Conservation of Mass

Identify the basic properties of acids and bases

Forces in Nature:

Recognize electricity can be produced using a magnet and a wire coil

Describe the basic principles of an electromagnet

Distinguish between the earth's magnetic field, a magnet, and the fields that surround the magnet and an electromagnet

Determine the relationship among the mass of objects, the distance between the objects and the amount of gravitational attraction

Illustrate how gravity controls the motion of the objects in the solar system

Possible projects that will be completed throughout the year:

Construct a prototype

Fetal Pig dissection